Buntsma Yacht Painters guarantees the highest quality, short turnaround times and fair and competitive prices.

Through years of experience, insights and flexibility we can meet up to the highest quality-requirements that can be set for the construction of new yachts.

To ensure the smoothest workflow possible, the communication will have to be at its best. Good communication provides transparency and transparency ensures efficiency and short turnaround times.

By always evaluating completed work and constantly communicating, for example with the shipyard, with architects and with the chefs, we can speed up the process and we can avoid afterwards modifications or afterwards additional work that would result in a delay in the process.

New construction activities are e.g.:

  • Tight filling and finishing of yachts
  • Preparation of spraying and painting activities (cleaning, degreasing, taping etc.)
  • Spraying of primer
  • Applying undercoat and topcoat by using spray or brush
  • Preservation activities
  • Spraying the hull with primer and antifouling