peter telefoon 3192Buntsma Yacht Painters, specialises in finishing luxurious mega yachts.

Buntsma Yacht Painters was founded by the brothers Peter Buntsma and Randy Buntsma. Together they have over 30 years of experience and worked on dozens of luxurious mega yachts. As a yacht painter you never stop developing. With every project, we guarantee the highest quality within our staff and within ourselves. We will continue to invest in ourselves to meet up to any quality requirement of any yacht builder. This is confirmed by the many award-winning mega yachts where Buntsma Yacht Painters has provided their filling, spraying and painting services.

peter telefoon 1885To create a beautiful mega yacht out of a bare hull, many precise skills are required. Buntsma Yacht Painters master these skills to perfection and they can carry out the entire process. To guarantee the highest quality, we work with high quality two-component epoxy products, which offers the best protection for your surface and extends the sustainability of the work. This means that the filling, the primers, the undercoat and the topcoat are all on the basis of high quality two-component epoxy products.

peter telefoon 1898The yacht painting profession is a special craft which requires high investments to reach the top.  Mastering all the aspects of the profession takes many years. Alongside fine motor skills, curiosity and the drive for self-improvement are necessary aspects to become an all-round professional yacht painter.

Buntsma Yacht Painters distinguish themselves by their professional appearance at the shipyard, by the highly motivated staff that is managed by certified instructors and by the ability to think outside the box when it comes to problem-solving, off course in consultation with the shipyard. Buntsma Yacht Painters guarantees the highest quality and craftsmanship.