Alongside construction activities, Buntsma Yacht Painters can carry out maintenance work, major repairs and refits as well. All activities are always carried out in close consultation with the client.

It doesn’t matter if your yacht has a length of 10 or 100 meters, the condition of the substrate determines which activities should be performed to guarantee that your yacht can set sail in a beautiful and well-maintained condition. Even a perfect paint system needs a regular maintenance due to rain, sun, UV radiation, damage, neglect or a collision.

Whether your yacht is built of wood, plastic, composite, aluminium or steel, Buntsma Yacht Painters is familiar with all substrates and all product choices that can be used. For example blasting, good anticorrosion products for steel, high UV protection for raw wood and many more.

If, during our activities, we still encounter some defects that are not discussed in advance, we will communicate this with our client and we will discuss the options on how to proceed to guarantee a good end result.

Every aspect of the job is open for consultation, from painting, sanding, varnishing, blasting, filling and delicate paintwork to creating and applying complete paint systems.