Not everything on a yacht revolves around beauty. Besides beauty, the protection of the substrate and the sustainability of the materials are of great importance. For example, the protection of the engine room, clean and dirty water tanks, hatches and confined spaces.

To provide the best protection of the substrate, we recommend blasting. By blasting the substrate, the old paint, rust and dirt layers are removed and a clean, grease-free surface with good adhesion is created for new paint layers.

By adding certain ingredients to the paint, it is possible to provide specific properties. For example, a topcoat must have a high gloss, the primers must have good anticorrosion properties and other types of paint should provide good coating. It is therefore of great importance that the right types of products are used for the various types of painting activities on-board.

Buntsma Yacht Painters can provide a customised advice on this subject and can carry out all of the painting, spraying and conserving activities on your yacht.

We are familiar with all quality requirements regarding minimum layer thicknesses, knowledge of products, responsibly disposing of different types of paint and safety measures.

Please feel free to contact us for further information or advice.