Buntsma Yacht Painters has years of experience with painting and spraying of many yachts. Through heavily investments in our staff and their training we are continuously up to date with the latest application techniques and all various spraying techniques that are currently available. We master all techniques and have a extensive experience in electrostatic spraying of small parts and whole yachts.

The use of electrostatic spraying will only increase in the future. As a result of the many benefits that this technique has to offer, we are able to work more efficiently and to deliver the best end-result to our client.

Electrostatic spraying is an electrostatic technology in which the varnish in the spray gun is negatively charged. By grounding the object, the varnished particles are attracted to the surface, which provides a higher end result. The finishing is more equal and since the paint is attracted by the surface we are able to apply more paint on inaccessible areas. This provides more protection to the paint system as well. The end result of electrostatic spraying can be up to 65% higher in comparison to the non-electrostatic spraying techniques. This means that Buntsma Yacht Painters can offer the highest quality for the most competitive price. Naturally, if required, we can also paint your yacht with a brush.